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Communities | Education


PeaceROOT works with young changemakers to promote the idea of peace and conflict resolution in Europe. Through interaction with locals in cross-boundary areas, ​youth are empowered to become ambassadors of peace, while they contribute wit…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion


‘JoinIn’ will be an online platform and mobile application that will act as a tool for Civil Society Organisations to enhance their outreach and visibility within society, achieving greater awareness and support for their work and endeavou…
Arts and cultural activities | Migration


Interactive multimedia installations, workshops and debates mainly in Italy and Cyprus, to better know how Europe and Europeans are facing migrants and refugees crisis, to involve and get involved as citizens and human beings, starting fro…

Simple Special Stories

Hey!We aren’t selling the next big product you are waiting to buy.We are promoting “the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”(you know who quoted this without googleing it):EDUCATION! It doesn’t seem as an attractive topic …
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Culture ShoX

Culture ShoX bring young Europeans and newcomers (asylum seekers) together to create intercultural dialog and friendships through methods of art and culture. Through international and interdisciplinary collaboration between European organi…

Cyprus University Debate Training

Debate Academy in Cyprus would gather participants from whole Europe, with emphasis on Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and Balkans. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from best trainers in the world, developing their argumentation, pub…

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