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Social inclusion | Education

NOW - because social change can't wait.

How often have you heard “Youth is the future”? We want to transform the dreams of the Millennials (who are ⅓ of today’s population) into social change. NOW. We offer an inclusive 6-month program that makes young people the protagonists ...
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Chopin: A Letter through the Parisian Years

Our age promotes a forgetfulness of the past, with its alluring new inventions that comes hand in hand with a recklessness only short of an unreflective machine. With my project “Chopin: A Letter through the Parisian years” I want to bri...

Social Entrepreneurial Kid’s Basecamp

We passionately believe children need an environment that inspires and encourages them to discover their personal 'art'. Our aim is to spark aha­-experiences that encourage children to follow their dreams and ignite an entrepreneurial sp...


A secluded place in the Alpine heart of Europe, where tomorrow’s leading political thinkers meet the continent’s cultural avant-garde to debate across disciplines our society’s upcoming challenges.

The Circle for Artists

The Circle for Artists is an international network of artists who help each other to realize their artistic ambitions. With funding we can set-up an association and connect more artists. What unites us is the belief we are all stronger t...

Collaborate for Social Impact (C4SI)

“Old problems. New solutions. Big impact.”

The Catalyst

How can the public learn about new science without going back to school? How can we change the way the public views scientists? How can we combat pseudoscience? Let's bring together scientists and media artists to create new entertainmen...

S’CoolTrips by Sterrenlab

Want to organise an unforgettable school trip for your class? Share school projects with teachers from other countries? Save on time and money? S’CoolTrips is the platform that will help European teachers plan international school trips ...

THE Port Humanitarian Hackathon

A hackathon aimed at bringing diverse skills to tackle problems experienced by humanitarian organisations. Demonstrating the social impact of fundamental research/science.

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