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Social inclusion | Migration

De-Fence Europe

In the past few years an increasing amount of migrants and refugees arrived in European countries. This development led to a vast number of challenges for integration. However, we believe that they offer a unknown opportunity for the Eur...
Democracy and participation

Nestor's Journey

We are producing a magazine with journalists from East and West Europe. We ask Activate Europe's support to start debates and stimulate understanding about what divides and unites us. We plan to travel, with our brand new magazine, to Be...
Environment | Communities

Empowering Communities through Biogas technology

Our work is to counter centralised and monopolised energy production based on fossil fuels, following the aims of the Paris Agreements and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG#7). Community biogas empowers citizens to shift the energy p...
Democracy and participation

Improving Diversity in Policy Debates

We need more women with voice and power. We want them to participate in shaping our lives and inspiring future generations. The Brussels Binder is thus for conference organisers and media outlets aiming to include expert female voices in...
Democracy and participation | Education

More citizens' involvement via delegated democracy

Delegated democracy combines the advantages of representative, direct and liquid democracy. The citizen can choose between (A) a revocable nominal mandate given to a representative in the parliament, or (B) traditional elections, in the ...
Democracy and participation

Citizens’ Call for Transparent Trilogues

75% of EU legislation is decided behind closed doors in the so-called Trilogues, according to procedures that are not envisaged in the Treaties and are not transparent. EU legislation determines up to 80% of the laws that affect citizens...
Democracy and participation | Environment


Thousands of people take grassroots action in Europe to oppose socio-environmental threats to their communities- trying to stop, remediate and find alternative to negative development, extractation, production and waste projects affectin...
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Cities and Regions for Europe

The Urban Agenda, launched by the European Commission, seeks to improve the quality of life in urban areas. As honourful as it is, it does not address the responsibility of cities for the success of Europe and it’s a mecanism from top do...
Democracy and participation | Communities

Pro Bono across Europe

Everyone's got skills and talents to share, but not everyone knows who to share those skills with, and how. Furthermore, Europe is filled with outstanding non-profit organisations (NPOs) striving to solve pressing social issues, but lack...

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