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Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


Since 2011 FACDIM and PROGETTO ITACA present original interactive music events cutting distances between mentally ill, composers and musicians. Through MUSICALMENTE Symposiums in Rome, Milan and Munich we transmit format to young music p...
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Same Love, Same Rights

The SLSR project will develop and disseminate artistic approaches to promoting LGBTI+ rights and to combating homo-, trans- and biphobia. SLSR will empower young artists from Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and the UK to reach yo...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Touroperator art exhibition

As the first artist, I have the opportunity to access the cemetery of boats in Lampedusa island (Italy) and I have been authorized by of the Court of Agrigento to use parts of the boats used by migrants. submitted my project to various i...

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