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Arts and cultural activities

Creative Partners

Creative Partners is a simple free platform to help anyone in the arts, culture, heritage or creative industries find partners for trans-national activities - projects, tours, applications to EU funds, etc. Organisations can add their ...
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Place to Place: The Drawing Exchange

Place to Place: The Drawing Exchange is a nomadic project collecting drawings from people across countries in Europe. The public is asked to draw an image that reflects their relationship to the physical place they are in at that moment....
Arts and cultural activities | Urban development


Athens has more than 1200 vacant buildings that like many other European cities are dotting the post-crises urban landscape. There have been many attempts to address this issue, but none has been developed properly. Therefore we think it...
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Three Nations Under One Groove - A Pan

The three National Youth Jazz Orchestras of the UK (NYJO), Germany (BuJazzO) and the Netherlands (NJJO) join together for a musical project and concert tour through the Ruhr Region, the Netherlands and the UK, in order to celebrate the i...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Culture ShoX

Culture ShoX bring young Europeans and newcomers (asylum seekers) together to create intercultural dialog and friendships through methods of art and culture. Through international and interdisciplinary collaboration between European orga...
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Social Muscle Fair

Social Muscle Fair is a place where people can train their 'social muscles' together. SMC reimagines the format of the county fair, focusing on using art as a tool to train social skills such as giving, receiving, interest, and communica...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Unorganised Response

We will build conversation and space for displaced and migrating artists in galleries, theatres, online and in networks. We will create a site where artists can come together to exchange skills and ideas about modes of production and pol...
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

My Top Five (Top 5)

Citizen journalists are trained to capture the life stories of diverse people using the format of their 'top five' songs as a starting point. These interviews become radio programmes, distributed through community channels locally and in...
Arts and cultural activities

Hand-Crafting Europe

International pilot workshop bringing together 18 young artisans and creative designers from at least 6 European countries. Have them experiment the process of co-creation of innovative prototypes exploiting the potential of the differen...

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