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Action Days in Europe: 250.000 + for Solidarity

We want to spread our innovative Action Day concept all over Europe. We empower and inspire fellow youngsters to show solidarity and stand up for a fair and democratic world.

Interdisciplinary festival ARTONOV in Art …

The ARTONOV Festival is inspired by the international movement of Art Nouveau, both for its philosophy as for its implementation. Its objective is to generate a convergence between the performing arts, such as music, dance, theater and v...

ACT LIKE A LOCAL! Escape the tourist bubble …

“Is there a free jazz gig tonight?” “If there’s one museum I should see, which one?” “How many kisses do you give?” Those are the questions that USE-IT answers. USE-IT is made by locals, not commercial and free.

CoRe, the Consumer Revolution

CoRe is a straight-forward tool for democratic action: a mobile platform where citizens get simplified info on the health, environmental and social impacts of the products they buy and can collectively pressure companies to adopt more su...

Empower vulnerable youth and stimulate active …

One snapshot - a thousand opportunities: photography as a means to develop life skills among vulnerable youth and straighten democratic values in their communities.
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Ukraine documentary movie: Maidan the Aftermath

Why some young Ukrainians fought and died to join the European Union while within Europe there are a lot of young people tired and complaining about it? We will showcase the perspective of Ukrainian youth in the aftermath of the Euromaid...

Towards Sustainability and Solidarity in Europe

Try to imagine this: economy goes hand in hand with nature, people work for money only if they feel like doing so and – incredibly! - everybody is just fine.

The Diversity Project

The European Union’s motto is ‘Unity in Diversity’, but does the rise of far-right and anti-migration parties mean it is time to accept that “multiculturalism” has failed, and that what divides us is stronger than what unites us?

An Educational Card Game on Media Literacy

Laugh while you learn to be a media wise, creative and democratic citizen! Play it anywhere, with anyone! Grab your family, your friends or your teacher at school and enjoy this interactive learning experience! Fun, above all, guaranteed.

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