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Social inclusion | Migration

Integration House

Thousands of refugees families in Athens, Greece, face the reality of having no choice but staying in the country in the long term. Our city now needs to provide meaningful services, focusing in the emotional wellbeing of the refugee and...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Here we Are!

Little has been done to implement the Convention on Children’s Rights effectively. The project aims to use film to teach children aged 13-18 its practical importance in everyday life. The objectives are to empower children to express the...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Shaping AfroGreekness

Shaping AfroGreekness is about racial equality in yet another European country. We need to know about the African/Black history of Greece, because throughout the years Black Greeks are not recognised as citizens of the country and are in...
Democracy and participation | Environment

ECO-MED Food Empowerment Centres

Many Southern Europeans have suffered with economic crises and austerity measures, losing access to healthy food. Nevertheless, there is tremendous potential for creating or restoring both sustainable and affordable local food systems wi...
Communities | Urban development


We aim to empower youth at school to become active citizens and placemakers of their community. Through non-formal education and creative week-long workshops in European cities we will empower and train students to engage in participator...
Arts and cultural activities

E.G.G. ideas

“E.G.G. ideas” is a social art project that offers people the opportunity to propose their ideas about the amelioration of their everyday lives. A room shaped as an egg will be constructed and placed in public sphere and will operate as ...
Migration | Urban development


Refugee camps have the gate open however their remote location from villages, the lack of resources and mobility convert the gate into a closed one, approaching a refugee camp to a detention camp. Being able to move outside the camp d...
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Break Border Line (BBL project)

Theatre and visual artists together with journalists, scientists and citizens, Break BorderLines and speak, through Art, about "Terrorism". Our answer to that growing phenomenon is Democracy, workshops, debates, artistic community even...
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Power to the Youth

Power to the Youth are creative encounters of international students (15-20 y.o.) that challenge problematic functions of democracy today and suggest alternative social imaginaries for our present and future. Through multiple performativ...

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