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Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Welcome to Europe Radio

The refugee crisis is the most serious risk to European cohesion in decades. Integration will be the challenge of a generation. Our “Welcome to Europe” radio station will create a public shared space for refugees and citizens, broadcasti...
Migration | Education

Your Pain is my Pain - Memorials of the Present

A major challenge for European cohesion and shared values of equality and democracy is the rise of xenophobic political and social movements aimed at excluding new comers and non-majority populations from civic participation. This projec...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

"Fence Corridor"

“Fence Corridor” breaks stereotypes and prejudices of the people who are living on the path of the refugees, from the islands of Greece, through Macedonia and other Balkan countries, to their final destination, Ruhr, Germany.
Migration | Arts and cultural activities

Actors for Human Rights

Our idea is to touch people through testimonies of refugees who never took 'no' as an answer. We convey these human stories through documentary theatre and complement them through Q&As with local activists. We will activate people to eng...
Social inclusion | Migration

Empowering refugees through psychosocial …

Many refugees suffer from distressing life experiences and struggle with creating a meaningful life in Europe. National support services are often not an option, because of cultural and linguistic barriers. But what if refugees had a car...
Social inclusion | Migration

Sanctionfree - The breadline is the breadline!

Our main goal is to end the sanction practice in the German welfare system. On average every 4th person who depends on social benefit is affected by a sanction through the jobcenter: Their emoluments can get cut off by 10, 30, 60 or even...
Democracy and participation | Migration

Trans*Guest House Project

A documentary film about a home for LGBTIQ refugees from Turkey, North –Africa, Middle East and Syria expelled by their families, the state, the society. A project run by experienced Trans* providing a safe shelter in a self created, sel...
Democracy and participation | Migration

Debating Europe's Refugee Crisis

The migrant crisis facing Europe is larger than anything seen since WW2. Rising tensions point to the need for a realistic and comprehensive set of policies. Debating Europe will run a series of 10 online + 3 real-life debates with citi...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Me and you

“Me and you – performing” is an international performing-arts project that aims at exporting Ukrainian experience in the field of confidence building, reconciliation and peace education through performing arts (for example so called “the...

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