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Migration | Communities

Village Europa

Although Romania is one of the countries with the highest economic migrants in Europe (17% of the population), just 26% of the Romanians have ever traveled outside the country. As a result the Romanian society confronts itself with two m...
Democracy and participation | Migration

Moving Europe

“Moving Europe!” brings together pupils with migration backgrounds from different parts of Europe in order to collect their ideas and advices on how Germany and Europe can improve their integration policy. In order to create political ...
Migration | Communities

Remigrants United

Coming back to Latvia after living abroad can be challenging. Your values and perspectives change, and suddenly you do not fit in your own country. Feeling unwelcome, you leave again, along with your knowledge which could help Latvia cat...
Social inclusion | Migration

Integration House

Thousands of refugees families in Athens, Greece, face the reality of having no choice but staying in the country in the long term. Our city now needs to provide meaningful services, focusing in the emotional wellbeing of the refugee and...
Social inclusion | Migration

Hotel Europa

Since the beginning of the refugee crisis the xenophobia and especially islamophobia is on the rise in the European society due to nationalistic propaganda and fake news. To bridge this gap, to counter nationalistic propaganda and to hel...
Migration | Education

Seeing is believing - is all the news credible?

Has Tina Turner died? Twice only last year, according to some Polish news. News influence the way we see the world and its problems. •Challenge: fake or manipulated news add to negative attitudes towards refugees; •Objective: teach how...
Social inclusion | Migration

De-Fence Europe

In the past few years an increasing amount of migrants and refugees arrived in European countries. This development led to a vast number of challenges for integration. However, we believe that they offer a unknown opportunity for the Eur...
Social inclusion | Migration

Violated Rights

Anthology series about human rights and related current issues (modern slavery, discrimination, migration, bullism, domestic violence, "children left behind"). Each episode uses a different audio-visual style (eg. theatrical, video-art) ...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

The Sand. Coming Home

The project explores the contribution of communities hosting refugees and displaced people to the development and preservation of European democracy through the exchange of values. It reflects upon the collaboration of experiences, both ...

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