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Democracy and participation | Education

Young Ukrainian citizens for the future of the …

We want to offer an idea of the formation of public opinion of Ukrainian citizens on the intolerance to corruption at an early school age. To achieve this result, we plan to develop a program in the form of games (poems, drawings, video ga…
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Transcending Borders

The forum’s program - the result of collaboration among cultural activists from West/East Ukraine and EU partners will include over 90 cultural events: visual art, music, theater, literature, film, lecture & discussion program with a focus…
Arts and cultural activities

European Meeting House as the center of social …

The project idea is to create the European Meeting House, which will become a new social and cultural center of international cooperation of the European Communities that have common historical past. The activity of European Meeting House …
Communities | Urban development

Europe Impact Buzz

Goal of the project is to engage Europeans into multicultural and cross-national collaboration to solve local urban challenges together. It will be realised through connecting young professionals and local initiators by mean of a digital p…
Environment | Communities

Eastern European Eco-village Training Network

Rural life – boring? Ecological education – worn-out? Social innovations – overhyped? NO, especially if brought together to focus their transformative power on addresing current crises of migration, climate change, poverty and political i…
Social inclusion | Education

New life

Enthusiastic teachers who want to make this world more colourful even in the darknest places.
Social inclusion


BRIDGE is about bringing European countries (Ukraine,Russia, Poland, Slovakia) together, to grow not only as countries but as a continent. Our big goal is to start the process of building better relationships between European nations by ta…
Social inclusion | Communities

leadership clubs "I am Europe"

Creating 28 regional leadership clubs " I am Europe" will promote ideas of democracy , justice , freedom and human rights on the basis of non-discrimination; creating innovative forms distribution of European living standards
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

If I Were In Your Shoes

Imagine you are totally another person who lives in another city of totally different country. Think outside your own paradigm. Change the perspective on the problems your society has; work together on decision plan to overcome those probl…

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