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Democracy and participation | Environment

End Ecocide on Earth

All life on earth vitally depends on intact ecosystems. Our current economic system, however, leads to ecocide, the large-scale damage and destruction of ecosystems. In order to enforce criminal accountability for decision-makers and corpo…
Democracy and participation

Democracy Repair Cafés - Reach Out To The Streets

Democracy Repair Cafés are interactive workshops where participants experience how politics and participation work, reflect their own potentials, learn from each other and find ways to get active. This project takes the concept to a Europe…
Democracy and participation | Environment

Community regeneration from within

This project brings together a combination of organizations with different profiles with the attempt to engage them, and the border rural community in the IT-SI-HR Karst/Istra area, in a learning exercise where the present and past practic…

Educational app – Cultural values in sport

Our general objectives are to strengthen the European citizens’ sense of informal education and the importance of cultural values at sporting activities, at training and competitions. Our mission is to create an Educational web or native m…
Social inclusion | Education

Simbioza Bondy e-Book of Memories

Simbioza Bondy Book of e-Memories will help elders collect and store precious life memories through intergenerational cooperation! After introducing the web platform, we will connect pairs of elder and young volunteers. In 3 months they wi…
Social inclusion | Education


We are a non for profit coworking space operating in rural area of Prekmurje, Slovenia. For the past 3 years we have been successfully innovating with programs, contents and initiatives in the field of social entrepreneurship benefiting hu…
Migration | Communities


A knitting group in every community! We involve women from different backgrounds, newcomers and locals, experts and beginners. We are enabling safe spaces especially for women to learn from each other, to create multicultural communities, …
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Dance Souls

Main peach of project "Dance souls" is to recover dance scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with focus on contemporary dance. Idea is to make it alive on longer period, and not just in period of project, but to make basis for sustainability o…
Environment | Communities

Fostering sustainable behavior

Modern society gives much effort on developing more sustainable technologies and solutions but “human factor” is often causing that such solutions are not implemented to their maximum capacities. One of such examples is the usage of “gree…

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