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From Yugosphere to Eurosphere

The project is focusing on raising awareness about the existing Yugonostalgic phenomenon, through different generations and nationalities of the ex-YU countries, as process of maturation and integration in another union, this time EU. For …
Arts and cultural activities

Revealing Europe: Portraits, Places and Emotions

Revealing Europe: Portraits, Places and Emotions aims to address to citizens of RS and EU by showing the real face of Europe, enhancing fraternal feelings and raising awareness of belonging to a bigger group. There will be an open call for…
Social inclusion | Migration

Balkan Route Revisited

With the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990's, seven new nations appeared on Europe's political map. As is know, this process was painful and millions of people had to take refuge from violence and turmoil. Hardly two decades later, the re…
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

The Threepenny Theater

Threepenny Theatre has a vision of creating a common space for professional and non-professional theatre artists where they can work, create and explore theatre as a communication model for dealing with the questions of social justice, dem…
Migration | Social inclusion


A documentary about the objects lost by refugees trying to cross Serbia - and about the stories of their owners. Often, these letters, pictures, and children’s toys, are the only remains of their journeys, and sometimes of their lives. In …

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