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Social inclusion | Communities

Using mass unemployment as a tool of self

Unleash the potential of young unemployed people by enabling them to deal with negative emotions created by the « black hole of unemployment » (loss of self-confidence and self-esteem, social isolation, feeling of uselessness, loss of moti…
Social inclusion | Urban development

Holistic Dwelling

The project wants to develop and prototype an experimental housing program responding to new ways of living and working in Europe. The aim is to test how dwelling can take part to the current social and economical changes by temporarily ho…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Embracing Tango, Embracing Inclusion

What is inclusion? "Everyone together, all with all", says Santiago, a youth with Down-syndrome. Can we create a space where we can be together, independent of age, gender, physical and mental abilities, nationalities etc.? The project is…
Social inclusion | Migration

Let's make SINGA European! ...for stronger …

SINGA is a movement that uses community building and tech innovation to welcome, connect and learn from refugees to strengthen society. We do so by creating on- and offline platforms for refugees and local citizens to meet and co-create pr…
Environment | Communities

Open Source Circular Economy

Today's economy is based on a linear take-make-waste model where waste is growing rapidly. To solve this problem, we need a circular economy that reuses, repairs, remanufactures and recycles products and materials. We believe, for our econ…
Democracy and participation

Scale EUP!

Scale EUP aims at connecting mentors with project carrier to accompany them growing their project at a european scale. It seek to provide projects with strategic support and to connect them with small donors communities.
Communities | Urban development

Community-led Housing in Europe

Alongside public and private actors, organized inhabitant groups (Cooperatives, CLTs, Co-housing, etc.) play a crucial role in tomorrow’s sustainable urban development. In some Scandinavian and Swiss cities, civil society actors produce mo…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Building post

The post-growth future lacks inspiring stories. Research & Degrowth France wishes to build post-growth narratives. The processes will involve constructive dialogue to find an alternative path beyond the competition/closure dichotomy; at sc…
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Peace Train Europe

In July 2016 CISV Germany starts the first stage of the “Peace Train Europe” with 15 young people from different countries with the mission of inspiring action for a more just and peaceful world, travelling 6 stations along european pilgri…

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