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Democracy and participation | Urban development

European Citizens with a Social Impact (ECSI)

There are over 200 incubators in Europe, whose at least half of them are aimed to support startups with a social impact. ECSI intends to get EU citizens closer to these initiatives, reducing the gap between existing social innovations fert…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Foster the European spirit in all parts of Europe

ILI wants to strengthen the European spirit, which is crucial for the cohesion in Europe, which is very important especially nowadays in times of big global changes. This project wants to stress the shared European identity and the common …
Environment | Education

The E

The E-waste race combines education with a hands on project to reduce e-waste in cities and communities. Per race 10 schools compete in a four week competition to collect as much electronic waste as possible. Neighbors can easily offer…
Education | Democracy and participation

Educap City - The Citizens Days

Educap City is a french prevention and sensibilisation program with 2 axes : fighting discriminations and bringing awareness about handicap for children from 9 to 10 ; organising a city raid for 11-13 years, using sport as pedagogic and ed…
Democracy and participation | Migration


Support the leading multilingual European news and debate platform! As the refugee crisis and its mishandling by EU leaders is threatening to tear Europeans apart, jeopardising European integration and tarnishing Europe’s image abroad, we …


Children are happy to learn new things in a joyful natural way. This joy ends when lerning become "compulsory". But learning is impossible without emotions: children should love what they are learning or their school experience will be a t…
Migration | Education

Breaking Language Barriers

With “Breaking language barriers” we would use web based technologies to spread knowledge on intercultural learning, to create an direct exchange between educators in Europe on best practice and to provide schools with multimedia and fun …
Social inclusion | Migration

QX1 - Migrant community docking pilot

Co-construction of an information-sharing platform for migrants wishing to settle or transit in Marseille. The platform will be based on a deeper knowledge of the local context and on the sharing of individuals experiences for the raise o…
Environment | Democracy and participation

Greater Europe Bikes

​Greater Europe bikes is a brand new project that aims to unite youth from EU and CIS countries by providing them with the platform and means to visit each other by bike. Our young team of motivated students and young professionals with a …

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