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Social inclusion | Migration

Opportunity and Prosperity for all !

As winner of the African Women in Europe Enterprise Award 2015 in Geneva for Germany and in Partnership with Pro-Consulting Training (with 35 years of experience in Germany and in 36 countries), we came up with the idea to use our own exp…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) has the potential to unify Europe & Europeans regardless of national, local and individual interests. It would ensure each person's material security. It would free people to create a more desirable futu…
Democracy and participation | Migration


Imagine you see an object and, just by looking at it, you know its meaning in a foreign language. Wouldn’t that be life changing? European communicative integration is at the heart of our project: We develop stickers with basic vocabulary,…
Migration | Education


Our project supports refugees in Europe who want to realize own business ideas. A series of training sessions facilitate the development of successful (social) business models, provide hands on guidance towards their implementation and enc…
Communities | Education

Ziębice - Münsterberg. Polish-German cross

Anna from Ziębice (Lower Silesia) where her parents moved in 1946, has heard about cooling of PL-GER relations. She also has problems communicating with her grandson who thinks she is boring. Hans from Bielefeld, where he moved from Münste…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


Since 2011 FACDIM and PROGETTO ITACA present original interactive music events cutting distances between mentally ill, composers and musicians. Through MUSICALMENTE Symposiums in Rome, Milan and Munich we transmit format to young music pro…
Communities | Urban development

Urban Jamming

Urban Jamming is a co-design project aimed to create collaborative networks to find alternative, low-cost and creative solutions to reactivate urban voids across Europe. The process is lean and fast, it has been already tested in Palermo t…
Arts and cultural activities | Migration


"Neue Heimat" is an urban education programme where refugee children come together to discover their new living environment and immerse in the local culture while connecting with local kids and community, helping them to establish cultural…
Migration | Communities

Refugee Open Cities (ROC21)

Asylum homes burn, radical parties thrive and borders close: While Europe struggles with the so-called refugee crisis, we risk to fall back into a dark age of isolated nation states. „Refugee Open Cities“ tells a different story: This tool…

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