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Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Melting Spot: Dance (MS

MS:D will provide a) a locally rooted international space for artistic exchange and (re)connection between migrated dance artists and their international peers. The focus lies on mutual exchange of knowledge and artistic practises and di...
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

The Best of Us_Paths of Memory

The project raises questions about isolation, loneliness, self-awareness, social integration and the share of knowledge among elderly communities. It links visual (photography) and movement (dance) artists with a group of elderly from Li...
Migration | Social inclusion

Stronger Together

Newly arrived persons and refugees, together with the local population in Europe, shall identify opportunities for cooperation leading to new social businesses and a higher quality of life for everyone involved. The Our Common Future par...
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

I CAN MOVE goes Intercultural

We believe in open and inclusive societies that welcomes foreigners, especially traumatised refugees of war and conflict. Our project aims at promoting intercultural citizenship through an artistic educative programme for artists and ped...
Social inclusion | Migration

Theatre play "Odysseus from Cushland"

"Odysseus from Cushland"would be a theatre play dealing with migrants’ problems cloaked in a paraphrase of the Myth about Odysseus.The play tells the story of economic migrants and refugees –who leave their homes in search of another pla...
Social inclusion | Migration

New Here

By June 2016, the New Here map, which unites refugees in Vienna with existing services, will be live and operational. The New Here team is seeking funding to support the development of the New Here app and its rollout across Europe. An i...
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


We would like to bring divided communities closer to each other. Therefore we invited photographers, social scientist, urban&community developers to map together cities and localities where real and imaginary fences were built up. After ...
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Embracing Tango, Embracing Inclusion

What is inclusion? "Everyone together, all with all", says Santiago, a youth with Down-syndrome. Can we create a space where we can be together, independent of age, gender, physical and mental abilities, nationalities etc.? The project ...
Social inclusion | Migration

[HOME] is where your heart is safe!

The project HOME helps young refugees to build a new home. Psycho-social care benefits the health and well-being of the adolescents, a buddy project extends their social network and an #openschoool gives them the opportunity of particip...

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