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Migration | Communities

Refugee Open Cities (ROC21)

Asylum homes burn, radical parties thrive and borders close: While Europe struggles with the so-called refugee crisis, we risk to fall back into a dark age of isolated nation states. „Refugee Open Cities“ tells a different story: This tool…
Arts and cultural activities | Migration


Culture in Exile is a nonprofit, volunteer-run project of civic journalism to promote life and culture of refugees and forced migrants in their host countries like Europe or Turkey. Under technical conduction of international film makers r…
Democracy and participation | Migration


When an architect comes to live in a new country what happens? She opens a restaurant. And a nurse? Obviously, she will launch a singing competition. We want to use Ashoka European network to support the leaders of migrant groups in CEE co…
Migration | Social inclusion

Stronger Together

Newly arrived persons and refugees, together with the local population in Europe, shall identify opportunities for cooperation leading to new social businesses and a higher quality of life for everyone involved. The Our Common Future parti…
Social inclusion | Migration

Theatre play "Odysseus from Cushland"

"Odysseus from Cushland"would be a theatre play dealing with migrants’ problems cloaked in a paraphrase of the Myth about Odysseus.The play tells the story of economic migrants and refugees –who leave their homes in search of another place…
Social inclusion | Migration

New Here

By June 2016, the New Here map, which unites refugees in Vienna with existing services, will be live and operational. The New Here team is seeking funding to support the development of the New Here app and its rollout across Europe. An int…
Migration | Education

Language Switching

Together with asylum seekers, unaccompanied refugee minors and tutors German storybooks are translated into the first language of the refugees. The translations are positioned over the German text in a way that allows for folding it up and…
Social inclusion | Migration

[HOME] is where your heart is safe!

The project HOME helps young refugees to build a new home. Psycho-social care benefits the health and well-being of the adolescents, a buddy project extends their social network and an #openschoool gives them the opportunity of participat…

Gaining Ground

Austria is an important gate to Europe for many refugees, including teenagers. After reaching the age of 15, the local government is not obliged to provide further education for teenage refugees and they have therefore fewer opportunities …

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