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Social inclusion | Migration

Opportunity and Prosperity for all !

As winner of the African Women in Europe Enterprise Award 2015 in Geneva for Germany and in Partnership with Pro-Consulting Training (with 35 years of experience in Germany and in 36 countries), we came up with the idea to use our own exp…
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Social inclusion

Discourse on Inequality

As we study the characteristics of social problems,we find all social problems have common basis of origin.And the premise of all social problems is INEQUALITY(Individual,Cultural,Structural).We focus on how society operates,who benefits a…
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Democracy and participation | Education

Euro Education

We intend to create online educational portal ‘Euro Education’ aimed at improving the legal literacy with focus on eurointegration and eurocommunity. We believe that such initiative would help to inculcate in young people european democ…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) has the potential to unify Europe & Europeans regardless of national, local and individual interests. It would ensure each person's material security. It would free people to create a more desirable futu…
Democracy and participation

European and Ukrainian Law Website

The idea of this project is to create (start up) and develop an informational and analytical website in the areas of European law and Ukrainian law. This website shall contain news and analytics (articles, expert blogs, summaries of legisl…
Democracy and participation | Migration


Imagine you see an object and, just by looking at it, you know its meaning in a foreign language. Wouldn’t that be life changing? European communicative integration is at the heart of our project: We develop stickers with basic vocabulary,…
Migration | Education


Our project supports refugees in Europe who want to realize own business ideas. A series of training sessions facilitate the development of successful (social) business models, provide hands on guidance towards their implementation and enc…
Migration | Education

Thinking out of the box

How will 18 teachers of second languages from six European countries react when asked to walk in the shoes of immigrants and refugees? They will follow for three days an integration program in a non-European Environment:Turkish school, or …
Social inclusion | Education


Adaptation of social groups, i.e. disabled people and internally displaced persons, who received psychological and physical trauma, as a result of the conflict in the Donbass, through their involvement in the social environment, acquisitio…

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