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EU Youth TakeOver Day

European Youth Take Over Day is an inclusive initiative to put young people at the forefront of decision making. Young People take over the role of different professionals in their local communities for 1 day, giving real life experience...
Democracy and participation | Communities

The Voice of Hungary

How can democracy be re-made for the 21st century? How can the informed will of the people be discovered in an era of fake news, demagogic politicians and social media information cocoons? The answer: randomly select a representative sam...
Social inclusion | Education

I DARE YOU TO CARE - Inspire. Equip. Mobilize.

I Dare You to Care’s mission is to inspire, equip & mobilize students to take daring action for causes they care about most. 4 groups of students from 4 different schools across Europe will have the opportunity to discover what they car...
Migration | Education

Education as Advocacy: Giving Voice to Refugees

People fleeing conflict or desperate situations seek refuge in Europe, only to find that they are marginalized from public life and democratic participation. The aim of our project is to ensure the meaningful inclusion and participation ...
Environment | Communities

The People’s Design Lab

The People´s Design Lab gives citizens a way to challenge waste by redesigning waste-creating products. 80% of waste from a product is built in at design stage, hidden from public view and understanding. The Peoples Design Lab gives the ...
Democracy and participation

We need to talk about our Constitution(s)! A …

Nationalism is on the rise in Europe. National leaders claim the right to "sovereign" decisions, on the basis of national constitutions. Within the common European constitutional space, democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights can n...
Arts and cultural activities

Hand-Crafting Europe

International pilot workshop bringing together 18 young artisans and creative designers from at least 6 European countries. Have them experiment the process of co-creation of innovative prototypes exploiting the potential of the differen...

Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter’ (BE) will provide a way for different people to connect, beyond borders, beyond barriers, beyond the comfort zone
Democracy and participation | Communities

People Powered Policy Jam

Our world is changing fast, new challenges appear every day and the long-term ones intensify. The old ways of dealing with problems don't keep pace with the tempo and citizens feel excluded from the decision-making. To strengthen the soc...

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