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TheGoodLobby: lobbying for good

eLabEurope, a civic start up lobbying in the public interest, presents TheGoodLobby. Imagine a world where academics and professionals team up with NGOs to improve people’s lives. And there is more: imagine they do it for free. That is the…
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Incubator for Participatory Democracy in Europe

Across Europe, cities are experimenting with participatory democracy, in budgeting, in planning and in city services. Too often, those experiments are small-scale, disconnected and fail to transition from experiment to mainstream. The Incu…
Democracy and participation

Access to information to counter fake news on EU

Austria, Hungary and Poland experience pressure on democratic space, have disastrously poor access to information rules and a prevailing culture of secrecy. To keep citizens informed, combat fake news about the EU and fight corruption, we …
Arts and cultural activities | Urban development

Intramurs, trouble maker!

In the diversity of Europe there are many small scale soul mates: micro metropolitan areas (neighborhood, quarter) struggling, developing citizen participation exercises spontaneously, to protect the peculiarities and richness of that spec…
Democracy and participation | Education

The European Civics Academy

The idea is a pan-European and traveling advocacy school empowering citizens to bring systemic change at local and EU level, acting alone or in tandem with civil society organisations. By building on the methodology designed by The Good Lo…


Why people think what they think? Do we question ourselves our thoughts and values enough? How do we europeans compare in regard to our values and beliefs? Are we close, far? WikiValues is a repository of values backed by arguments so we c…

Empowering Yourope!

Europe’s got talent! That kind of talent that it takes to help solve the really big and complex problems of our time. However, in our society, the majority of young adults end their educational career not knowing how to tap their true pote…

Modern troubadour

A travel through the many different villages in Europe. Photographies and stories, Virtual Reality, and the real-time streaming of a modern troubadour that will bring the people of Europe closer to each other.
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Happy and Common Good European Cities

European values are freedom, tolerance, unity, etc. And yet, we measure our welfare through GDP: What does GDP tell us about common good? We need to change the indicator if we want to change our lives. We want to co-create the first welfar…

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