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Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Bridging Cities

“Bridging Cities” is an interdisciplinary project that will be produced between Sarajevo and Arnhem,aimed at local and international audience. The main goal is to create an intermedia urban performance, based on non-linear storytelling the…

10 minutes - to understand each other

Europe's core values: solidarity, unity, brotherhood are at the great risk. The greatest refugee movement since the WWII, has put at test societies across the continent. We aim to provide experience simulation based on facts in a form of m…

Connecting youth through the art

Art is the most beautiful way of connecting people through music, painting etc. It would be great to make headquarters around the europe where you can learn languages, play music and paint with other people.

Artists and farmers against poverty

Farming and agriculture are the source of food, health and a tool against poverty. Artists are the soul of society. We want to make these two branches work together.


INTERNATION CENTER FOR CONCILIATION AND EDUCATON (ICCE)The International center for conciliation and education will bring together youth from European countries, especially from Balkan countries, with the goal to exchange their experience …

Meet your county with all diversities

To change conscience of young peoplein Bosnia & Herzegovina is my primary goal. To learn them that politics and religion are separate and that these two shouldn't interfere.

Sarajevo Mind Map

Show me your city, I'll show you how to perform it. Or better - let's perform the city together.
Environment | Urban development

Sustainable mobility

Considering the importance of existence of cycling policies in local governments for state of environment in BiH, this project aims to examine the existing local transport plans quality of chosen solutions and efficiency of implementing th…
Social inclusion | Education

„Balkan heart“ - a co working & co

Old ethnic divisions and conflicts in the Balkans are still successfully projected on new generations of youth. This is why we have the impression that we are in between two rounds of boxing. Socially isolated Balkan youth do not share th…

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