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Express yourself, don't repress!

Are you young? Open minded? Lost contact with yourself and with others? Need a change? Wanna express your potential and creativity? If some of the answers were YES, then our project is for you and we need you on the board! Express yoursel…

Towards Sustainability and Solidarity in Europe

Try to imagine this: economy goes hand in hand with nature, people work for money only if they feel like doing so and – incredibly! - everybody is just fine.
Democracy and participation

Let me vote where I live!

Let Me Vote aims at granting European citizens the right to vote in regional and national elections in their EU country of residence regardless of nationality. Promoting the exercise of these civil rights will strengthen people’s feeling o…

Innovative Idea Garden

The project motto is “New Face for Old Things”. The project aim is the rethinking of old buildings functional purpose to modernize the city cultural image and create an open sustainable European space that will promote interdisciplinary ex…

E-volunteerism Through CityBugs

We aim to create e-volunteerism opportunities for young people with special needs throughout Europe and Armenia by introducing citizen engagement CityBugs social platform.
Democracy and participation | Migration


Imagine you see an object and, just by looking at it, you know its meaning in a foreign language. Wouldn’t that be life changing? European communicative integration is at the heart of our project: We develop stickers with basic vocabulary,…
Democracy and participation

Find your MEP in the 2019 elections

Citizens in the V4 region are not eager to participate in the elections to the European Parliament. We want to change it. We will encourage them to find the most suitable candidate and take part in the 2019 elections. We will provide them…

EU Youth TakeOver Day

European Youth Take Over Day is an inclusive initiative to put young people at the forefront of decision making. Young People take over the role of different professionals in their local communities for 1 day, giving real life experience i…

European Festival Of NGOs

Have you ever imagined a place where all change-makers gather to create ideas, connections and opportunities, aiming to make Europe a better place for the future generations? And how can this be done, better than on a festival where the be…

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