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TheGoodLobby: lobbying for good

eLabEurope, a civic start up lobbying in the public interest, presents TheGoodLobby. Imagine a world where academics and professionals team up with NGOs to improve people’s lives. And there is more: imagine they do it for free. That is the…


Goal is to improve dialogue between the stakeholders in society and to democratize the accessibillity to the worldwide knowledge. We want to bring elevated meaning to the connectivity of today's world. Quality education - accessible to a…

Living and Learning Together

We would like to bring together 30 young people from Armenia and Turkey – countries burdened by a long history of painful disagreements - to live, learn and share together under one roof.


EuropeAboutUs erases the language boundaries, offering Ukrainians an opportunity to look at the events happening in Ukraine and the issues concerning Ukraine from the perspective of the EU member-states, thus accelerating the process of Uk…
Democracy and participation | Communities


Like muscles in general our democratic muscles require training. Democracy Fitness is a simple, active and motivating training concept. Each session takes 30 minutes and focus on one muscle. All sessions are designed after modern learning …
Democracy and participation

Citizens’ Call for Transparent Trilogues

75% of EU legislation is decided behind closed doors in the so-called Trilogues, according to procedures that are not envisaged in the Treaties and are not transparent. EU legislation determines up to 80% of the laws that affect citizens' …

Philosophical travel’n’quest: Discover the Europe

Travel guide-quest, which aims to familiarity with the idea of Europe through learning the history of philosophy.
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Democracy and participation | Education

Euro Education

We intend to create online educational portal ‘Euro Education’ aimed at improving the legal literacy with focus on eurointegration and eurocommunity. We believe that such initiative would help to inculcate in young people european democ…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) has the potential to unify Europe & Europeans regardless of national, local and individual interests. It would ensure each person's material security. It would free people to create a more desirable futu…

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