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Ziębice - Münsterberg. Polish-German cross

Anna from Ziębice (Lower Silesia) where her parents moved in 1946, has heard about cooling of PL-GER relations. She also has problems communicating with her grandson who thinks she is boring. Hans from Bielefeld, where he moved from Münste…
Democracy and participation | Migration


When an architect comes to live in a new country what happens? She opens a restaurant. And a nurse? Obviously, she will launch a singing competition. We want to use Ashoka European network to support the leaders of migrant groups in CEE co…
Democracy and participation

"Belarus Votes 2016"

Twelve young journalists from Belarus, Germany and Poland will discover the insights of “Europe’s last dictatorship” during the upcoming parliamentary election. Working in multinational teams, they will shed light on Belarus, which remains…
Arts and cultural activities | Democracy and participation

Freedom Games

Freedom Games is aninterdisciplinary conference that serves as a common ground for intellectuals and artists to share experiences, exchange ideasand develop solutions to current problems in diverse areas - from politics and economy to soci…

Let’s integrate to Europe together

Our project facilitates integration of not only Ukraine, as a state, but also its individual citizens, who are active representatives of business, authority, and members of the public. We create a communication platform for exchange of exp…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

AEGEE Election Observation

AEGEE Election Observation is an independent European youth initiative organizing Election Observation Missions (OMs) in Europe. In doing so, we aim to: 1. contribute to the transparency and integrity of elections; 2. assess the engagement…
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Futurespotters Lab

Futurespotters Lab is a blend of physical and virtual, international and local residency that reinvents modern collectivity - by co-living, co-working and stewarding underused assets. It’s a sandbox for the potential that creative individu…
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Tasty Europe

The project is about teaching cultural diversity and mutual respect between young representatives of different cultures using food and traditional cuisine. Participants will be young people coming from 4 countries and will be of difficult …
Arts and cultural activities | Democracy and participation

Doc Next / a european union of progressive media

Smartphones, laptops and ipads are no guarantee of the kind of diverse audiovisual culture that reflects and makes good societies. That’s why we seek funds to co-design and establish a new pan-european network for progressive media organis…

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