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Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) has the potential to unify Europe & Europeans regardless of national, local and individual interests. It would ensure each person's material security. It would free people to create a more desirable futu…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


Since 2011 FACDIM and PROGETTO ITACA present original interactive music events cutting distances between mentally ill, composers and musicians. Through MUSICALMENTE Symposiums in Rome, Milan and Munich we transmit format to young music pro…
Arts and cultural activities | Education

A board game that facilitates cross

To co-create an accessible and entertaining board game that will demonstrate the values of co-operation and the importance of accepting cultural differences on a European level. The project will be associated with demonstrative kick-off ev…
Arts and cultural activities

Spirit of Europe

Spirit of Europe is a unique European way connecting different European regions together in artwork, through understanding cultural diversity, facilitates connections or reduces barriers between diverse groups, and sustains the well-being …
Arts and cultural activities | Migration


"Neue Heimat" is an urban education programme where refugee children come together to discover their new living environment and immerse in the local culture while connecting with local kids and community, helping them to establish cultural…
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Comic Culture Clash 2016

Together with international artists we want to investigate political conflict. We do this with the best means available to us: The comic. the project is divided in two parts, a live event and a free comic book. With comic battles on stage …
Arts and cultural activities | Migration


Culture in Exile is a nonprofit, volunteer-run project of civic journalism to promote life and culture of refugees and forced migrants in their host countries like Europe or Turkey. Under technical conduction of international film makers r…
Arts and cultural activities | Urban development

Intramurs, trouble maker!

In the diversity of Europe there are many small scale soul mates: micro metropolitan areas (neighborhood, quarter) struggling, developing citizen participation exercises spontaneously, to protect the peculiarities and richness of that spec…
Arts and cultural activities

Kids take over museums in Eastern Europe.

Nowadays kids in Eastern Europe experience museums as places of punishing boredom, unnecessary silence, uninviting coldness, and so many rules that no one is allow to talk. The same applies to the everlasting guided tours. What if we turne…

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