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Goal is to improve dialogue between the stakeholders in society and to democratize the accessibillity to the worldwide knowledge. We want to bring elevated meaning to the connectivity of today's world. Quality education - accessible to a…

Express yourself, don't repress!

Are you young? Open minded? Lost contact with yourself and with others? Need a change? Wanna express your potential and creativity? If some of the answers were YES, then our project is for you and we need you on the board! Express yoursel…

Anonymity and its effects on internet culture

Do you feel safe to talk about sex in facebook chat? Are you comfortable expressing your political opinion online without hiding your identity? How do you deal with anonymous person who insults you? We want to find out how to use anonymity…

Young people promote and develop interculturality

Let's get to know each other!

Cracker - reading headlines properly

Overloaded with media bias and sensationalism, in region that still strives towards reconciliation, we feel we need to learn our youth how to read "through" headlines, and not to fall for narrative placed and promoted by interest groups.

Join the European Joy

The project is musical contest for musicians/music groups from all European countries. Subject of the contest is an original music composition inspired by Anthem of Europe „Ode to Joy“ by Ludwig van Beethoven with ethnic musical characteri…

Social networks Gembex

New network for the whole world.

Books against the walls - Walls for the books

Young Croats and Serbs trying to overcome the consequences of war by making together a catalogue of children's and young adult books promoting differences and tolerance, and illustrating those books on large promotional city murals in thei…

City thinkers – new schools for new generation

Young people are offered only commercial activities for spending free time in cities. Public spaces and other activities shall disappear, there is no space in the school curriculum for topics like these. Who will decide on the development…

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