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Colorful diversity!

We want to spread diversity and realize its importance. Based on activism and education we want show that diversity influences on development our personalities, our regions and in effect on future of Europe. We will pass our ideas among di…

Riot! App – Portable rebellion !

Each of us have in a pocket / purse an extemely powerful tool of the civil disobedience – a mobile phone! Build the Riot! App with us !

Solidarity reinvented

Solidarity was not only a movement, but also an idea that was a cornerstone of the European Union. An international youth event that will take place in the Gdańsk Shipyard combined with activities involving local community and history eyew…

Urban Renewal Network

The aim of the project is to build the creative space for sharing experience and inventing the new solutions for the renewal of postindustrial cities in Europe. There is the growing lack of cohesion inside the EU between leading cities and…

1HOUR4EUROPE – cross-sectoral, cross Europe

Imagine:In the year 2020, all citizens of every EU country will be able, as part of 1HOUR4EUROPE, to deliver a volunteer activity using dedicated funding. Let’s start: 1 city with a cross-sectoral partnership . All this with support of pri…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


Let’s establish a platform for creative meeting of European documentary filmmakers, looking for topics of films, and human rights NGOs, from their practice knowing not only crucial socio-political problems, but also powerful human stories …

Polish "Zaczytani" means "Absorbed In Reading"

"Absorbed In Reading: give a book- create a library- inspire others" is a campaign aimed at the collection of books in various types of institutions. Collected books supply shelves of Little Patient Libraries created in hospital wards, hos…

EDM connects Europe

Intercultural and international project that will connect ideas of young artists, musician's live act's and non-profit organizations supporting musical talents in the field of EDM from EU and candidate countries.

One Caucasus

To create inspirational and safe space for meetings of young people from the Caucasus region

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