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Arts and cultural activities

Ukraine documentary movie: Maidan the Aftermath

Why some young Ukrainians fought and died to join the European Union while within Europe there are a lot of young people tired and complaining about it? We will showcase the perspective of Ukrainian youth in the aftermath of the Euromaidan…

Action Days in Europe: 250.000 + for Solidarity

We want to spread our innovative Action Day concept all over Europe. We empower and inspire fellow youngsters to show solidarity and stand up for a fair and democratic world.

Towards Sustainability and Solidarity in Europe

Try to imagine this: economy goes hand in hand with nature, people work for money only if they feel like doing so and – incredibly! - everybody is just fine.

European BEST Engineering Competition

EBEC is an international engineering competition that targets young people. With the motto “Design the future. Today.”, we strive to put together some of the most talented European students to solve real life challenges proposed by leading…

Global Children for a Sustainable World

If any you and any me stepped on the wet sand, how would the next wave treat our footprint? EQUALLY


Pressformore offers a promising way to reinvent quality investigative journalism by fixing a fair value to information, solve the funding issue of authors and give readers an access to their favorite information, by maximizing interactions…

Integrity Watch

Integrity Watch is a user-friendly website that provides a unique overview of the activities and incomes of members of the Parliament. The aim is to bring the existing technology and expertise from EU Integrity Watch to eight EU member sta…


Web-resource about Europe for Russian-speaking people. Due to historical realities and recent developments people from former-Soviet countries have misconceptions of Europe. This project may offer an objective view, as a better informed pe…

Empower vulnerable youth and stimulate active …

One snapshot - a thousand opportunities: photography as a means to develop life skills among vulnerable youth and straighten democratic values in their communities.

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