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Living and Learning Together

We would like to bring together 30 young people from Armenia and Turkey – countries burdened by a long history of painful disagreements - to live, learn and share together under one roof.

Cultural Diversity for Dialogue of Nations

Armenian and Turkish Youth for cultural diversity and dialogue between the two nations.

MUSEION - the Space of Intercultural Creation

Imagine a place where people of different nations meet and work together, united despite differences. A place where creative energies of individuals are merged into intercultural and interreligious projects that go beyond geographical and …

E-volunteerism Through CityBugs

We aim to create e-volunteerism opportunities for young people with special needs throughout Europe and Armenia by introducing citizen engagement CityBugs social platform.

Advanced skills training for Armenian and …

Accent on Promotion of Women Activism in Armenia and Georgia, particularly those of young journalists, through organization of series of trainings for a selected number of female students who are in the stage of studying their professional…

Armenia’s1st Inclusive Playground as a Platform …

The first ever inclusive playground in Armenia will become a unique model of social interaction and equality, a platform designed to address the segregation of disabled children by syncing the concepts of game, education and therapy.

The Europe in My Hands

Strong multinational relations are the key to strong societies and peace

Traditional Ancient Armenia without …

Be part of a democratic world, where people are self-confident and sure they have somebody to protect them, and where vulnerable groups and minorities will have the same rights as people out of the communities.

GEO – ARM New European Art

Europe is all about togetherness, we will use art to bring together the Georgian and Armenian people in a new understanding of commonalities in the context of the bigger European family – Georgian and Armenian artists will collaborate to c…

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