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European Festival Of NGOs

Have you ever imagined a place where all change-makers gather to create ideas, connections and opportunities, aiming to make Europe a better place for the future generations? And how can this be done, better than on a festival where the be…

Welcome Back!

In the framework of reverse migration, governments make repetitive calls for those who study abroad and worked to come back and help rebuild the country. But what are expectations and hopes of returnees and how can we help to keep it and u…

WE the city

People develop attitudes and act a certain way that bring rewards or cause disadvantages. Yet our attitudes are strongly related with life circumstances and in many cases, a chance is what is needed to put the things right. My city deserve…

Functional information portal for citizens about …

The fundamental principle is the transparency of public institutions and the creation of a fair, legal and transparent relationship between citizens and administration. The portal will contribute to the fight against a widespread culture o…

RADIO EUROPA - under construction

We will open a temporary mobile radio station that is transmitting and receiving live from Tirana’s biggest construction site – RADIO EUROPA is a free and inspiring voice for a free and creative Europe.

Environmental psycology as a tool for cohesion

Cultures and climate differ all over the world, but people are the same. They'll gather in public if you give them a good place to do it!

Camps Alumni Network (CAN)

I CAN, you CAN, we CAN — volunteers protecting, promoting and engaging with cultural heritage in every community, in every country, in every corner of Europe.


Creating a social-economic form attached with the European perspectives for Albania regarding the woman and girls in need coming from various specific groups of marginalized, vulnerable and long-time unemployed women in the region of Sara…

Center for Children and Families

Our intention is to create environments for children to be able to spend their times when parents are engaged in work with long hours but why not also for parents where they can spend their free time together with their children;

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