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Localization of the best European MOOCs for …

We want to give an access to the best Massive Open Online Courses from European universities for Ukrainian citizens by localizing and adopting them to be suitable for Ukrainian auditory.


More than 250 members ,volunteers ,community leaders of Russian NGO with 30 years experience live in different parts of Russia some them live and have International families in Germany ,Spain, Sweden, Italy and other countries .They'll sh…

Vegan café and animal rights social center

A cafe and social center promoting ethical treatment of animals, veganism, care about environment and wildlife, healthy lifestyle, human rights and equality principles using nonformal education (lectures, workshops, movie screenings etc.),…


Was wäre, wenn es plötzlich GRUNDEINKOMMEN gäbe? Wir probieren es aus: Sind 12.000€ zusammen, werden sie verlost. Bedingungslose 1000€ monatlich. ~~ What would happen, if there is a BASIC INCOME guarantee? Let's try: Every time we collec…
Arts and cultural activities

Ukraine documentary movie: Maidan the Aftermath

Why some young Ukrainians fought and died to join the European Union while within Europe there are a lot of young people tired and complaining about it? We will showcase the perspective of Ukrainian youth in the aftermath of the Euromaidan…, German-Greek encounters, German-Greek encounters, is an online project of understanding between nations, which emanates from the relationship between Germans and Greeks and can work as a model for future co-operation within Europe.

TheGoodLobby: lobbying for good

eLabEurope, a civic start up lobbying in the public interest, presents TheGoodLobby. Imagine a world where academics and professionals team up with NGOs to improve people’s lives. And there is more: imagine they do it for free. That is the…


Goal is to improve dialogue between the stakeholders in society and to democratize the accessibillity to the worldwide knowledge. We want to bring elevated meaning to the connectivity of today's world. Quality education - accessible to a…

Living and Learning Together

We would like to bring together 30 young people from Armenia and Turkey – countries burdened by a long history of painful disagreements - to live, learn and share together under one roof.

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