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Democracy and participation | Environment

End Ecocide on Earth

All life on earth vitally depends on intact ecosystems. Our current economic system, however, leads to ecocide, the large-scale damage and destruction of ecosystems. In order to enforce criminal accountability for decision-makers and corpo…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Vaccination Freedom

Slovenia and several other EU countries still perform mandatory vaccination and citizens are subject to sanctions by the state due to different views. Vaccination is a potentially risky interference with a range of potential side effects…
Democracy and participation

Democracy Repair Cafés - Reach Out To The Streets

Democracy Repair Cafés are interactive workshops where participants experience how politics and participation work, reflect their own potentials, learn from each other and find ways to get active. This project takes the concept to a Europe…
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Back on Track!

How might we engage citizens to listen to each other and be proactive in the development of their city? We’ll create a Listening Lab on a degraded suburban train that will act as a stage for reflection on urban change. The aim is to foster…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Get Power!

The main challenge of the project is how to overcome making of policies and politics about minorities without them. With project Get power we will empower ‘invisible’ women with a migrant background (esp.from South Balkans) who are living …
Democracy and participation | Environment

Community regeneration from within

This project brings together a combination of organizations with different profiles with the attempt to engage them, and the border rural community in the IT-SI-HR Karst/Istra area, in a learning exercise where the present and past practic…
Democracy and participation | Environment

The sea around us

Every second European lives in or around the sea. Yet the problems facing coastal areas, from ecological threats to the erosion of natural resources, mass tourism and inadequate development models, are often overlooked. We will bring toget…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion


Truck drivers are a group of workers, who are heavily hit by various violations of labour and other rights. With the help of creating two mobile field teams and a mobile app we will create and implement a (live) set of information kit for …
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


The area known as the Western Balkans has always been a crossroads of different cultures, nations, ethnic groups and religions. In order to further integrate this region into the European area, the Western Balkans must overcome certain (un…

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