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community award

Localization of the best European MOOCs for …

We want to give an access to the best Massive Open Online Courses from European universities for Ukrainian citizens by localizing and adopting them to be suitable for Ukrainian auditory.
Migration | Education

Skills or Social Allowance? (SSA)

The European migration policy of "open doors" is a worldwide geopolitical challenge. In 2017, the EU adopted over a million refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other hot spots. The online platform “SSA” is an interactive didactic pr…
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Educational TV program We Mean Business Code

New Democracies suffer from non-inclusion into European community. Lack of soft skills prevent people from finding path to partnership with European peers, gaining already existing expertise. Negotiations in business fail due to misunderst…


EuropeAboutUs erases the language boundaries, offering Ukrainians an opportunity to look at the events happening in Ukraine and the issues concerning Ukraine from the perspective of the EU member-states, thus accelerating the process of Uk…
community award
Democracy and participation | Education

Euro Education

We intend to create online educational portal ‘Euro Education’ aimed at improving the legal literacy with focus on eurointegration and eurocommunity. We believe that such initiative would help to inculcate in young people european democ…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Museum of Corruption / MoC/

MoC is an interdisciplinary stage for researching and displaying a virtual collection of clandestine transactions outside officially recognized channels; rumors, scandals, gossip that swirl around those cryptic relations. While creating on…
Democracy and participation

European and Ukrainian Law Website

The idea of this project is to create (start up) and develop an informational and analytical website in the areas of European law and Ukrainian law. This website shall contain news and analytics (articles, expert blogs, summaries of legisl…

Innovative Idea Garden

The project motto is “New Face for Old Things”. The project aim is the rethinking of old buildings functional purpose to modernize the city cultural image and create an open sustainable European space that will promote interdisciplinary ex…
Democracy and participation

Want Europe to be better and prosperous for every?

Project aims to create community in Europe devoted to the principles of participatory democracy. To this end to find such local communities in each country, arrange European meeting for their representatives to collect such practices, to c…

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