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Goal is to improve dialogue between the stakeholders in society and to democratize the accessibillity to the worldwide knowledge. We want to bring elevated meaning to the connectivity of today's world. Quality education - accessible to a…
Democracy and participation

Practising Europe from the Bottom up

The future of Europe has to be developped from bottom up – through a lively European democratic practice. Citizens across Europe should become aware of their responsibilities for the European project. We need a new culture of cooperation b…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Museum of Corruption / MoC/

MoC is an interdisciplinary stage for researching and displaying a virtual collection of clandestine transactions outside officially recognized channels; rumors, scandals, gossip that swirl around those cryptic relations. While creating on…

Express yourself, don't repress!

Are you young? Open minded? Lost contact with yourself and with others? Need a change? Wanna express your potential and creativity? If some of the answers were YES, then our project is for you and we need you on the board! Express yoursel…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion


CSI aims to serve society’s most pressing needs by promoting social entrepreneurship and supporting social businesses through creative workshops, training, coaching, mentoring and academic research. It consists of a buzzing, creative and e…
Environment | Communities

The Center for Garbage Studies

The Center for Garbage Studies represents a community driven platform for knowledge and experience sharing in finding sustainable solutions regarding waste issues. Through five concepts: Rethink, Reconnect, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (5Rs),…
Arts and cultural activities

Spirit of Europe

Spirit of Europe is a unique European way connecting different European regions together in artwork, through understanding cultural diversity, facilitates connections or reduces barriers between diverse groups, and sustains the well-being …

uty on the route from Preševo to Belgrade.

Duty on the route from Preševo to Belgrade. Providing all kinds of assistance to migrants from filling out the form to providing information about the movement through Serbia. We have a volunteer who knows Arabic.
Democracy and participation

Be kind!

Young people all over Europe feel numb towards politics. Far-right parties are getting stronger all around Europe. And they hurt a lot of people. We do workshops for young politically-frustrated people to create campaigns against discrimin…

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