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Communities | Education

Value-Creation Entrepreneurship in Tourism

DNA!´s core is the trilogy “Local, Regenerative & Share Knowledge”. Tourist destinations as local and regenerative ecosystems. Tourism as a fast-learning “active leisure” experience, where tourists become value-creation global change-ag…
Social inclusion | Education

I DARE YOU TO CARE - Inspire. Equip. Mobilize.

I Dare You to Care’s mission is to inspire, equip & mobilize students to take daring action for causes they care about most. 4 groups of students from 4 different schools across Europe will have the opportunity to discover what they care …
Migration | Education

Education as Advocacy: Giving Voice to Refugees

People fleeing conflict or desperate situations seek refuge in Europe, only to find that they are marginalized from public life and democratic participation. The aim of our project is to ensure the meaningful inclusion and participation of…
Arts and cultural activities | Education

The Wake Up Europe! Impact Film Festival

Never have our democracies felt so challenged. Never has the EU felt so fragile. Urgent change is needed. The Wake Up Foundation (WUF) aims to educate and inspire citizen activism at a grassroots level via the Wake Up Europe! Impact Fi…
Democracy and participation | Education


Never before has public opinion been more varied. Never before has public opinion been expressed by less qualified people. We want to guide the way to an editorial society by giving non-journalists and journalists alike the necessary quali…
Democracy and participation | Education

Summer Schools of Connecting & Co-creating

This is an invitation to actualise a strong dimension of the European idea: The real meeting, living and working together of its citizens, farmost its youth! Our objective is simply to really meet each other and work in creative ways, util…
Environment | Education

ACT 4 Climate

This project aims to open up access for citizens to protect their future by becoming involved in climate policy advocacy. EU legislation on climate is so technical that it virtually limits access to participation to most EU citizens. Decis…
Democracy and participation | Education

Model European Union London 2016

2016 is a decisive year for the UK’s relationship with the EU. Regardless of how young people are going to vote in the referendum, it is worrying how few of them know how the EU works in practice. The Model European Union London 2016 confe…
Education | Arts and cultural activities

Trafika Europe Radio

Trafika Europe Radio is a 47-country literary project intended as a new piece of infrastructure for cultural Europe—a new kind of platform for building community and appreciation for European literature. We want to increase mutual regard c…

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