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Communities | Education

Value-Creation Entrepreneurship in Tourism

DNA!´s core is the trilogy “Local, Regenerative & Share Knowledge”. Tourist destinations as local and regenerative ecosystems. Tourism as a fast-learning “active leisure” experience, where tourists become value-creation global change-ag…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Preferential points voting in decision-making.

In complex debates, a pluralist democracy should allow for > 2 options 'on the table' and ballot paper. The option with the highest average preference wins. An average involves not just a majority but every voter. Points voting is more ac…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Pan European cooperative media company

Up to 70% of journalism will be produced by the growing ecosystem of freelance journalists. Centralized and institutional infrastructure, production and distribition is transitioning to a networked structure. It is vital for the future of…

EU Youth TakeOver Day

European Youth Take Over Day is an inclusive initiative to put young people at the forefront of decision making. Young People take over the role of different professionals in their local communities for 1 day, giving real life experience i…
Democracy and participation | Communities

The Voice of Hungary

How can democracy be re-made for the 21st century? How can the informed will of the people be discovered in an era of fake news, demagogic politicians and social media information cocoons? The answer: randomly select a representative sampl…
Democracy and participation

Rock the Eurovote 2019

Only 28% of EU citizens aged 18-24 voted in 2014. In 2019, more young people are likely to vote for their Eurovision fave than for their MEPs. We cannot lose an entire generation to populism, nationalism and frog memes. Rock the Eurovote a…
Migration | Communities

Village Europa

Although Romania is one of the countries with the highest economic migrants in Europe (17% of the population), just 26% of the Romanians have ever traveled outside the country. As a result the Romanian society confronts itself with two maj…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Football for Peace: Championing the Champions

How can Europe learn from Rwanda’s past to fight division and intolerance? We propose inviting youth leaders currently using football as a tool for social inclusion to join us in Rwanda for a week-long workshop. European coaches will exc…
Democracy and participation

Revitalizing European Democracy NOW!

The European Citizens Initiative is a pillar of European democracy but remains unknown and fails to really empower citizens. The revision process of the ECI that just started, is our opportunity to revitalize it, and with it, European demo…

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