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Communities | Education

Value-Creation Entrepreneurship in Tourism

DNA!´s core is the trilogy “Local, Regenerative & Share Knowledge”. Tourist destinations as local and regenerative ecosystems. Tourism as a fast-learning “active leisure” experience, where tourists become value-creation global change-ag…
Democracy and participation

Digital Identity, Citizenship &Democracy in Europe

There is an increasing gap between citizens and governing bodies in the EU. EU citizens must have more direct voice in politics. ICT’s offer ways to make the EU a living democracy. We see Random-Sample Voting (RSV) as a cost-effective tool…
Migration | Education


Our project supports refugees in Europe who want to realize own business ideas. A series of training sessions facilitate the development of successful (social) business models, provide hands on guidance towards their implementation and enc…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

The Refugee Coalition for Europe

Refugees deserve to have their voices heard in policy discussions about their futures. In partnership with UN Refugee Agency, ID launched the Refugee Coalition for Europe to stake a claim for refugees to have a seat at the table of Europea…

THE Port Humanitarian Hackathon

A hackathon aimed at bringing diverse skills to tackle problems experienced by humanitarian organisations. Demonstrating the social impact of fundamental research/science.
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Architecture of Shame

How many places we look at today as sources of embarrassment could be recognized as a world cultural heritage tomorrow?Why should we be ashamed by architecture or parts of cities today? What are the contemporary relations between shame and…
Democracy and participation

European Citizens' Initiatives to Shape EU …

In the EU, people have had the power to take part in political decision-making for the past 4 years – but few recognise their power. We want to use ICTs to support the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to become a better tool of particip…
Democracy and participation

The Internet Politician Data Base (IPDB)

IPDB is a project to build the world’s largest dataset with up-to-date information about elected politicians and candidates.The IPDB project will follow the principles of a wiki. Volunteer editors will be able to add new information to the…
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Social Muscle Fair

Social Muscle Fair is a place where people can train their 'social muscles' together. SMC reimagines the format of the county fair, focusing on using art as a tool to train social skills such as giving, receiving, interest, and communicati…

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