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Democracy and participation

Podcasting feminisms in Europe and beyond

“Feminist Voices in Europe” is a monthly podcast produced by a group of European feminists, part of the network “WIDE+ Feminists transforming Economic Development”. It will be a new forum for feminist debates, collective knowledge-building…

European BEST Engineering Competition

EBEC is an international engineering competition that targets young people. With the motto “Design the future. Today.”, we strive to put together some of the most talented European students to solve real life challenges proposed by leading…
Migration | Education

Thinking out of the box

How will 18 teachers of second languages from six European countries react when asked to walk in the shoes of immigrants and refugees? They will follow for three days an integration program in a non-European Environment:Turkish school, or …
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

The Refugee Coalition for Europe

Refugees deserve to have their voices heard in policy discussions about their futures. In partnership with UN Refugee Agency, ID launched the Refugee Coalition for Europe to stake a claim for refugees to have a seat at the table of Europea…
Social inclusion | Communities

Counselling: help others, empower yourself!

Counselling platform fostering interaction between -the youth (faced with aggression, bullying, soc. exclusion) -their minority peers (wanting to offer their emotional support on a voluntarily basis) We believe that sustained support of…

Global Children for a Sustainable World

If any you and any me stepped on the wet sand, how would the next wave treat our footprint? EQUALLY
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Democracy and participation | Environment

End Ecocide on Earth

All life on earth vitally depends on intact ecosystems. Our current economic system, however, leads to ecocide, the large-scale damage and destruction of ecosystems. In order to enforce criminal accountability for decision-makers and corpo…
Environment | Communities

Empowering Communities through Biogas technology

Our work is to counter centralised and monopolised energy production based on fossil fuels, following the aims of the Paris Agreements and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG#7). Community biogas empowers citizens to shift the energy par…
Migration | Communities

Our European future: Made by young people

Has the future of a united European Union been lost to rising nationalistic sentiment? What is being done to safeguard an inclusive future? Our documentaries will highlight 3 unique inner-city collaborations crafted by young people. Each e…

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