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Democracy and participation | Education

What have we forgot while we tried to memorize

A war in Bosnia though depicted as a civil war was also described as “continuation of the Second World War” by many respective thinkers. Suddenly old animosities became reality after the first grenade had hit Sarajevo in 1992. 23 years l...
Democracy and participation | Education

Reading Marathon

There are many factors such as renaissance, steam engine etc. that made Europe center of world civilization and power but non more powerful and everlasting than discovery of Printing press. Books are collective memory of mankind and la...
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Bridging Cities

“Bridging Cities” is an interdisciplinary project that will be produced between Sarajevo and Arnhem,aimed at local and international audience. The main goal is to create an intermedia urban performance, based on non-linear storytelling t...

10 minutes - to understand each other

Europe's core values: solidarity, unity, brotherhood are at the great risk. The greatest refugee movement since the WWII, has put at test societies across the continent. We aim to provide experience simulation based on facts in a form of...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Dream Dreams

Lullabies and bedtime stories are an important part of child early development. They are rapidly disappearing. We will preserve this part of European intangible heritage, and offer the curated content on user friendly online platform. L...
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Get Power!

The main challenge of the project is how to overcome making of policies and politics about minorities without them. With project Get power we will empower ‘invisible’ women with a migrant background (esp.from South Balkans) who are livin...

Connecting youth through the art

Art is the most beautiful way of connecting people through music, painting etc. It would be great to make headquarters around the europe where you can learn languages, play music and paint with other people.

Artists and farmers against poverty

Farming and agriculture are the source of food, health and a tool against poverty. Artists are the soul of society. We want to make these two branches work together.


INTERNATION CENTER FOR CONCILIATION AND EDUCATON (ICCE)The International center for conciliation and education will bring together youth from European countries, especially from Balkan countries, with the goal to exchange their experienc...

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