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Communities | Urban development

Urban Social and Cultural Innovations Games

community building and engagement to rise awareness of young people who live in urban sububrs in medium sized cities for better understanding of urban culture, based on circular city principles (inspired by Sustainable Malmo, Circular Am...
Environment | Education

Vegan Sustainability

Evidence based information on vegan sustainability and the impacts of animal agriculture is accessible to the general public and to vegan and environmental organisations. Vegan agriculture can reverse climate change, rewild ecosystems a...
Democracy and participation | Migration

GAMIFY Democracy

Educating about democracy essence and concepts can be tricky. We want to create safe spaces and a fun method where people come together, connect, learn, and have fun, with almost 0 costs and no technology experience for participants and ...

We the Community. Empower citizens, increase …

To address the declining willingness to engage in democracy, we aim to empower EU citizens to be change makers through networked community participation. We envision a platform where citizens, information and collective intelligence meet...

Human Rights Front

Human Rights Front is committed to building a global movement of supporters, members, and activists, who will campaign, act, and support to end grave abuses of human rights.

The Journey

A journey that has no sure duration for a dream that often turns to tragedy.
Democracy and participation | Urban development

The Crowdsourced City: On Tour

Cities need to be created with and not just for people. This project is a workshop-based road trip through eight European cities to meet partners, and co-organize pop-up interventions in different public spaces with local communities. Th...
Migration | Education

Rejecting Racism, Welcoming Refugees

We want to tackle racism towards refugees in Sweden, by reaching out to youth in Skåne through workshops in schools. We plan to document the experiences of refugees who have come to Sweden in the last two years. This will feed into our...
Arts and cultural activities | Democracy and participation

Under the same sky

The stories from people in the Barents area will meet in the digital exhibition room. But how? We will try to find a method to create understanding for different perspectives on history and present . Maybe we can find common denominators...

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