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Communities | Education

Youth advocacy approach to tackle obesity by …

Europe is fat, and is getting fatter. It is a worrying trend - obese people are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and other diseases. We want to get young people involved in highlighting the dangers of an unh...

SIRCle Beyond

To increase the number, resilience and success of social entrepreneurs in Europe through the Evoneers’ Journey; a process-based innovative pattern-language curriculum we are developing and testing in 8 EU countries. Through trainings, gr...
Social inclusion | Urban development

Lisbon State of Mind - You are the City!

Lisbon State of Mind is a platform where you can find and offer skills... Locally! The website is almost ready, but not online yet.
Democracy and participation | Environment

EU Comission should buy crude for EU state members

EU Comission could buy crude for all EU state members every 6 months paying in euros directly to the crude state producers without any intermediaries. This simple policy could save thousand milion euros, controling state members public d...
Democracy and participation | Environment

WOHPE - Women for Health, Peace and Environment

Socio-environmental issues are among the most urgent challenges to be addressed to guarantee a future to the next generations. Often in the shadow, women are the heart of most struggles in defense of the environment and the health of the...

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