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Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Building post

The post-growth future lacks inspiring stories. Research & Degrowth France wishes to build post-growth narratives. The processes will involve constructive dialogue to find an alternative path beyond the competition/closure dichotomy; at ...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Stitch by Stitch – Step by Step

We are creating a bespoke tailoring workshop that works together with refugee women, who are trained seamstresses. These women bring traditional and very valuable techniques with them. In the combination of modern design with these uniq...

European Encounters

Interaction wants to instigate a touring museum - an art exhibition with programmed events in public spaces. The museum will showcase art works and performances by refugees from across Europe. As a touring museum, it will travel to diffe...
Democracy and participation | Migration

DO Camps: Innovate Europe - rebooting the Union

The DO School empowers talented individuals to learn how to turn their ideas into tangible action and thereby create innovation and measurable impact. Tacking the various challenges the EU currently faces into account, we will run two o...
Communities | Education

Peace Train Europe

In July 2016 CISV Germany starts the first stage of the “Peace Train Europe” with 15 young people from different countries with the mission of inspiring action for a more just and peaceful world, travelling 6 stations across Germany, Fra...
Democracy and participation

GlobalSay - Dialogue meetings all over Europe

GlobalSay is an online supported community for you - if you want to invite others for an important face-to-face talk about important topics for us all. And if you want decision-makers to hear your conclusions.
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Connecting people (ZK/U + M)

Refugees are often isolated from locals, partly caused their legal situation, which limits them to take action in the public space. NomadicArt will open the public space and create a platform at ZK/U, center for art and urbanistics, with...
Democracy and participation | Migration

Europe starts in Vartekili

The project consists in promoting and testing European interactive & empowering & result oriented approaches to public space renewal: on-line map-based voting, charrette with architects, city game, ARCH LIFE LAB in Vartekili suburbs of T...
Communities | Environment

Empower Green

At present, over 50% of the world population lives in cities, where it is difficult to develop bonds with nature. Urban areas offer unique opportunities for building a resilient and sustainable future, where citizens are called to play a...

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