Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Section 1 – Controller

The controller for purposes of data protection is MitOst e.V., Alt-Moabit 90, 10559 Berlin, Germany, as the host of this website.

Section 2 – Capture of data at visits to the website

When you visit our website, we will automatically capture and store in a logfile the address (URL) of each page that you access, together with your IP address and the time at which you accessed the page. We will store the data so captured for a period of two weeks in order to recognise and defend against any abuse of our service, for example by denial-of-service attacks, and in order to recognisorgane and remedy any technical errors that may be given.

Section 3 – Further-reaching collection of data at registration

When you register as a user in order to be able to publish contributions on our Platform, we will collect, in addition to the data set out in Section 2, your email address as well as a user name (nickname) to be defined by yourself, and a password, likewise to be defined by yourself. The combination of these three data will form the basis of your user account, which will serve to allocate your contributions to the discussion to you. We need your email address in order to re-set your password should you ever forget it. We store these data until you or we terminate your user account. Any contributions to the discussion you may have published will remain on our website also after you have terminated your user account; however, we will anonymize your contributions by no longer showing your name, respectively your user name, together with such comments.

Section 4 – Further-reaching collection of data at submission of project ideas

When you submit a project idea as a registered user, we will collect, in addition to the data set out in Section 2 and Section 3, your first name and last name as well as the country of your current residence and, where applicable, the name of the organisation of which you form part or that you intend to establish and the country in which this organisation has its registered seat.

These additional data are required in the context of complying with our Funding Criteria, in particular in order to identify you as a participant in the idea challenge, to check whether our eligibility criteria have been complied with, and in order to be able to select venues for events such that all distances travelled by participants are kept to a minimum. We will store these data until all reciprocal claims under the idea challenge have been finally and conclusively terminated and any retention periods have expired that we as the party responsible for the idea challenge must comply with under tax law or other statutory provisions.

Section 5 – Information, correction, blockage, and erasure of data

You may at any time demand that we inform you about the data we are storing regarding your person. Furthermore, you may demand, subject to statutory requirements, that we correct erroneous data, or that we block or erase data.