Netiquette (EN)

Dear User,

We are happy that you joined „Advocate Europe.” Our aim is to create a space where ideas can be shared freely and openly – a space for discussions and exchanges. With your involvement, we want to foster a dialogue based on the sharing of knowledge and experiences – a dialogue in which people across borders, from all of Europe, learn from one another.

We would like to inform you about the rules we have established in order to ensure a friendly space for such an exchange.

Please bear in mind that any comment you make on „Advocate Europe“ can be viewed by the public. That means it can be read by anyone and found by search engines. Because of this, please do not share any information that should not be public. This especially applies to postal addresses, e-Mail accounts or telephone numbers.


  1. We encourage you to treat other users on „Advocate Europe“ with respect. As moderators, we wish to foster a platform for a free and open exchange of ideas and thoughts, knowledge and experiences.
  2. Stigmatisation based on ethnic background, religion or belief, nationality, sex, sexual orientation or social status are not allowed. Comments that aim to degrade an individual or a group of people will be deleted.
  3. By registering with “Advocate Europe,” you commit yourself not to create or upload any content that is indecent, impious, attacks people's dignity or that glorifies violence.
  4. Defamatory comments and statements of obvious historical revisionism will be deleted.
  5. The moderators may delete comments that deliberately provoke arguments or disrupt on-going exchanges. In such cases we will first point out the comment in question and only delete it if the disturbance is made willfully and clearly.
  6. The languages used on the platform are English and German. We encourage you to share your contributions in English so that the majority of users can understand you and profit from your knowledge and experience. The use of English is also much more conducive to a cross-European dialogue.
  7. Contributions and comments shall relate to the submitted project idea or discussion, be phrased in an understandable way, and follow the basic rules of spelling and grammar.
  8. By commenting you commit yourself to only share content for which you have the rights of use.
  9. Contents that openly serve advertising purposes will be deleted.
  10. We are open to constructive criticism about our work. Such criticism shall be formulated in a factual way and shall not contain insinuating or insulting content.
  11. Multiple accounts are discouraged. Please register only once. You can submit several proposals through one account.
  12. The above-mentioned criteria also apply to links or other web content that you post.

Enjoy the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience!

For technical questions please contact us through If you have any content-related questions, please get in touch with Christina Nuhr


We strive to make our moderation as transparent as possible. In the following we describe how and when we will step in:

  • We will intervene if a contribution violates the above-mentioned rules.
  • We will point out if comments or discussions do not refer to the submitted proposal or stray from the themes of the platform.
  • In most cases we will not delete a complete contribution, only passages. We will give reasons for our intervention via short comments and will indicate where we have made a change. Should a contribution lose its meaning as a result, we will delete it completely and will indicate this change.
  • Contributions that contain infringements under criminal law or violate the dignity of others will be deleted immediately. This will be followed by an explanation from the moderators about the reason for the deletion, as set forth in this Netiquette and the conditions of use. A criminal complaint may be filed.
  • If there are repeated examples of comments which violate our rules, we reserve the right to disable the comment function. This shall only happen with advance notification, although under exceptional circumstances it could occur immediately.
  • If a user infringes upon our rules continuously or severely, they will be warned with a personal message or an email. In serious cases, or in the case of regular infringements, we reserve the right to exclude a user from the community.

Please share with us your questions or comments about moderation privately. You can contact Christina Nuhr about this at any time.


  • As stated in the terms of use, “Advocate Europe” does not verify the origin of submitted ideas. As a user you bear responsibility for your comments and contributions. As a user, you carry the responsibility for ensuring that the idea or proposal(s) you submit are either your own or are being used with the consent of their originator(s).



We wholeheartedly encourage you to re-read your contributions before hitting “send.” Could the comment be misunderstood as an insult by others? Is it formulated in an understandable way? Does it say what you want to say and should the whole world hear this opinion?

Have a great time!

Your Advocate Europe - Team