How can I register?

Please click on the registration button to register for this website. Then insert a username, an email address and a password. Your username doesn’t have to be your real name. When you’re done, we will send you an automatically generated email with your validation link to the given email address. Please check your mailbox and click on this link to complete your registration. The link is valid for seven days.

How can I log in?

Simply click on the „Login“ field and enter your username and your password and then click on the „Login“ button.

How can I share an idea?

You can propose and share ideas by using the „+ Add Proposal“ button. You can find the button under „Idea Space“ in the menu. Please note that the form has to be filled in one step.


How can I support ideas?

You can support ideas by choosing the idea you want to support under „Idea Space“. When clicking on the idea, a detailed description unfolds and there you can find the support button. Note that in order to click on this button, you have to be logged in. You can support various ideas or withdraw your support. The idea which receives the highest amount of supporters will win an audience award.

How can I comment on the ideas of others?

You can comment on the ideas of other users by clicking on the speech bubble symbol in the „Details“ pane. 

The „Details“ pane also displays the number of comments already made. Please note, that in order to comment, you have to be logged in.

Use the small arrows in the margin to rank comments. If you want to reply to a comment, use the „Answer“ button. If a comment is inconsistent with the general rules or etiquette (netiquette), you can report this comment via „Report“. Please make sure that your comments follow the netiquette.

How do we apply?
Applications can be submitted online on until midnight CET on April 13, 2015.

Do we have to fill out all of the fields of the application form right away?
Yes, all the fields of the application form must be filled out in one sitting. After the application has been submitted and published online, you can still edit and adjust the text up until the submission deadline (midnight CET on April 13, 2015).

Can we submit more than one project idea through a single user account?
Yes, it is possible to enter multiple project ideas through a single user account.

In which file formats can we upload photos?

To upload images, please use the data formats .jpg, .png or .gif with a max. size of 3 MB and a minimum width of 400 px.

Can we submit additional forms such as photos, graphics, reports, texts, scientific publications, presentations or references?
No, we want to give all participants the same chance and therefore ask that you refrain from sending additional materials via mail or email. In the submission form itself, however, you can include links to graphics, videos, blogs, etc.

Can we print out the completed submission form?
Yes, printing is possible at any time through the browser’s print function.